TSSS employs a network of consultants throughout the United States to provide specialty safety, security and quality assurance services for the transit and construction industries. If you are interested in a career change by joining a highly motivated team of qualified professionals, then we are interested in meeting you! TSSS is an equal opportunity employer that recruits and hires world-class talent in a diverse environment that fosters cultural acceptance.

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TSSS is the kind of consulting firm for which you can be proud to work.  We believe in hiring seasoned professionals and motivated graduates with exceptional skill-sets to supplement our current portfolio and enhance our reputation as an industry leader.  Our corporate culture is built upon a foundation of excellence and quality service, and supported by growth and development opportunities in an environment that is both nurturing and exciting. Aside from competitive salaries and challenging work, TSSS provides its employees with a myriad of networking opportunities and the possibility of institutional advancement.

Hamid Qaasim

Sr. System Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

Hamid Qaasim, CMQ/OE

Sr. System Safety, Security & Quality Assurance Manager

“TSSS is rapidly becoming the leader in System Safety.  It is a great experience working in this fast-paced environment, meeting the complex safety and security challenges for transit agencies around the country."    

Eric Hamilton

System Safety & Security Manager

Eric Hamilton, TSSP, PMP

System Safety & Security Manager

“It is rewarding to be part of a firm whose reputation for excellence is passed on to its employees.  TSSS expects that you can and will maintain a consistent level of quality work and gives you the freedom to grow into an industry leader.”

Vincent Blakemore

System Safety & Security Engineer

Vincent Blakemore, TSSP, WSO-CSS

System Safety & Security Engineer

“TSSS has become a major competitor in the Transit Industry, which makes for very gratifying work. TSSS experts have assisted in developing my System Safety expertise in preliminary hazard analysis, system hazard analyses, tracking system and system inspection checklist, and accident/incident investigation analyses.”

Kemon Lucas

System Safety & Security Engineer

Kemon Lucas, TSSP

System Safety & Security Engineer

"It has been an invaluable experience working for such an innovative firm like TSSS. I am constantly developing as a professional, having the resources and knowledge to overcome challenges in the continuously evolving world of transit safety and security."

Eric Fox

System Safety & Security Manager


System Safety & Security Manager

"Working for TSSS has been an excellent opportunity to expand my technical knowledge about Safety and Security Certification for commuter railroads and to conduct safety training, including First Aid, CPR and AED.  Being a member of the TSSS Team has allowed me to network with leaders in the transportation industry from Colorado and different transit properties from around the country."